Creative Time Summit – New York 2010

The International Errorist



Over 40 international artists and thinkers present on socially engaged art at this second annual, two-day conference.
Presenters include: Danielle Abrams, The Bruce High Quality Foundation University, Julia Bryan-Wilson, Chen Chieh-Jen (represented by Amy Cheng), Chto delat/What is to be done?, Phil Collins, Agnes Denes, Dilomprizulike, Claire Doherty, Eating in Public, FEAST, Amy Franceschini, Andrea Fraser, Regina José Galindo, Gridthiya Gaweewong, Shaun Gladwell, Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy, InCUBATE, The International Errorists, Jakob Jakobsen, Surasi Kusolwong, Dinh Q. Lê, Learning Site, Aaron Levy, Chus Martinez, Otabenga Jones & Associates, Trevor Paglen, Claire Pentecost, J. Morgan Puett, Oliver Ressler, Laurie Jo Reynolds, Scott Rigby, Bisi Silva, Mounira Al Solh, Superflex, Anton Vidokle, W.A.G.E., Eyal Weizman, Stephen Wright, and more.

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